Dear Cathedral Families and Friends,

We are very excited to present to you a wikilink of this school year’s Geography Immersion unit which was held between January 24 and February 4, 2011. ENJOY seeing the students engaged in the various classroom activities and events that were part of this special learning opportunity!

Our students studied the following countries:
  • PreKindergarten-China,
  • Kindergarten-Switzerland
  • Grade 1-Germany
  • Grade 2-England
  • Grade 3-Belgium
  • Grade 4-Spain
  • Grade 5-Israel
  • Grade 6-South Africa
  • Grade 7-Ukraine
  • Grade 8L-Japan
  • Grade 8M-India

Thank you so much to our teachers, staff, families, volunteers, and guests for providing such a special hands-on and creative learning experience for the children of Cathedral!

With Faith and Friendship,
Mrs. Mary Burgess,